The gateway is the physical hardware (Access Point, Controller and/or other Gateway) that intrefaces between your Hotspot network and the Troglo Reach WiFi Dashboard.

There are a couple ways to add a gateway to the platform.

1. You could add the fields as you are adding a Hotspot.


2. Network>Gateways>AddGateway

1. Choose the Hotspot that this Gateway/AP/Controller is associate with. If you haven’t yet created the Hotspot, create it first.

2. Name your Gateway. You can name it anything you’d like but we recommend naming so it’s consistent with your layer 2 controller.

3. Choose the type of gateway. If you don’t see the gateway type on the list then check the compatibility guide and/or contact Support. Depending on the gateway type you select, there may be additional fields to fill out specific to the equipment.

4. Enter the MAC address of the gateway device(s).  It is possible that a single AP may have more than 1 MAC address. If that’s the case then you can press the + to add additional MAC addresses with this single form.

5. The Walled Garden area is dynamically generated and should be used as a reference. You may require additional entries or you may not need all of the entries for your specific network requirements. Here is the most current recommended Walled Garden entries for Troglo Reach WiFi.

6. The Notes area is simply a place for you to have your own reference notes regarding this gateway. ie: “The access point is mounted above the cash register”.